Christmas in Maramures

Maramureș County is located in Europe’s geographical heartland and is a land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs, carefully preserving the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of immemorial peasant past.

"Christmas in Maramures" has become a major and representative event of Romania, through which Maramures County defines itself as a special space for the preservation of cultural traditions, having a real historical value and a major socio-economic impact in the region.

"Christmas in Maramures" is a corollary moment when, at the end of the year, the traditions and customs from the four "countries" (ethnographical areas) of Maramureş County are combined.

The event, which has grown impressively each year, became already a tradition, reaching its 10th edition, attracting tourists who visit Maramureş for the opportunity to discover local live, tangible traditions and customs brought under a single "umbrella", in a perfectly integrated archaic space: Baia Mare Village Museum.

"Christmas in Maramureş" deserves the attention and the OMT prize due to it managed over ten years of giving the opportunity for tourists, visitors and the whole community to take direct contact and actively engage in traditional and authentic activities, starting from the much expected live "pig sacrifice" in a pure local style, in preparing traditional meals for Christmas dinner, carols concerts performed by local artists, traditional festivals, scientific round tables on folklore subjects, exhibitions, plays, popular art fairs and many other activities organized by partners Mayoralties, museums, monasteries, local ethnic communities etc.

The socio-economic impact is beneficial producing prosperity for both community and local businesses, tourism and related fields with a clear increase in the number of tourists visiting Maramureş.
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