Christmas in Maramures

The most beautiful winter celebration is “Christmas in Maramureș”.

Christmas is the most important Christian event celebrated every year in Maramureș, throught revival of the ancient traditions kept with great faith by our ancestors.

Same like in the past years, before the celebration of Jesus birth, the Village Museum from Baia Mare will be embellished and decorated for the winter feast, and in the old country houses, located under the Flowers Hill, thousands of carols singers from all over Maramureș county will gather. They will spread the news of the Jesus birth and after the carols will be sang in every household, they will be welcomed with great hospitality, that made Maramureș known all over the world.

In Maramureș you will find various and rich folk traditions which were preserve over time and also wondefull Christmas customs that are appreciated every year by the tourists who choose to spend their winter holidays in our county.

Gabriel Valer Zetea, President of the Maramures County Council


The mission of "Christmas in Maramureş" is to revive and promote, preserve and boost local popular traditions, elements of cultural and natural heritage and bring out and show them to the worldwide visitors, thus presenting the richness and realness of folklore, habits and traditional way of life of the people living in the Eastern Europe and Romania during Christmas time.

"Christmas in Maramureş" also promotes sustainable and traditional ecotourism and nature tourism through local outstanding people sustained by the communities in which they live, providing thus respect to the natural heritage and local population.

"Christmas in Maramureş" inspired during its nine editions people from all over the county and region to revive, join the event and be proud of their roots, traditions and winter habits. The event also succeeded to reach a level of high involvement of diverse tourism stakeholders from local people living in farms to major hotel industry owners.

Vision and objectives

The vision of “Christmas in Maramureș” is to promote the specificity of our county through the winter traditions among local and international tourists, to attract them to stay longer in Maramures, to come back and explore our unique culture, history, nature and people, to “spread the word” about Maramures beauties. In the beginning in 2008 Christmas in Maramures was a small folklore event held for one day in the open air section of the Village Museum, belonging to the County Museum of Ethnography and Popular Art Baia Mare. Each year that followed, the event has been developed into a major touristic and cultural attraction with wide implications in the community and economic life of the Maramureș County, lasting for almost the whole month of December.

The objectives of “Christmas in Maramureș” is to protect the traditional and authentic heritage composed of local ancient customs from the communities that live in remote areas of Maramureș County, to preserve and valorise the endangered popular culture still alive through elders, and to revive winter ancient customs like “Plugușorul”, “Sorcova”, “Viflaimul” or “Căprița”.

It is a wonderful opportunity of learning about differences between peoples and cultures living in Maramures, diversity celebration of Christmas in ancient ways, in places where every visitor may observe the social and cultural traditions and practices of all communities, including those of Hungarian German, or Ukrainian minorities and to recognize their specificity.
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